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Dear Friends and Partners,

There is no doubt that 2020 has been an extraordinary year for us all. But, when life gave us lemons, together we made lemonade and delivered impact!

For the first time in history, our whole world has had to face the same challenge at exactly the same time. Everything, everywhere has changed, and yet this crisis has given us an extraordinary opportunity to stop, reflect, think, and transform together in order to build a better world. Now all of us, everywhere, at every level, are in the same conversations. With our founders and our decade long commitment to transforming the flows of capital for responsible investment and impact, R3i have appreciated this year of empowering these conversations and underwriting our founders with breakthrough ideas through venture capital, so that together, we can take transformative action, towards a sustainable, post pandemic world.

During the final quarter of the year the team were extremely industrious within our communities:

  • Moderating the Agricultural Innovation forum for TBLI Asia Conference 2020.
  • Delivering the Founder Ethics workshop at Tech Sauce Thailand 2020.
  • Delivering an SMU Executive Education class on Value Based Healthcare for 70 leaders of St Lukes Hospital in the Philippines.
  • Moderating the panel on emerging Innovation Ecosystems at SheLovesTech 2020.
  • Supporting the judging, coaching and mentoring at Slingshot 2020 for Switch and the Singapore FinTech Festival.
  • Supporting the judging of the 2020 Unicorn Cup Series internationally. 
  • Supporting the judging, coaching and mentoring of Tech Tour Healthcare 2020.
  • Supporting Padang and the IAG Firemark Cybersecurity program. Huge congratulations to Detexian and Right Hand Security on their effective soft landing into the region.
  • Delivering the SMU Ethics Program for SMU Big.
  • Mentoring 6 digital health and deeptech teams at 500 Global Launch.
  • Supporting the Global Green Economic Forum and their Annual Awards program.
  • Supporting a pre Accelerator program for the Australian Landing Pad MedTech companies expanding into South East Asia.
  • Joined in the B9 Podcast: Women in VC Impact.

Our impact strategy is forged not only on our founders capacity and capability to deliver impact, but also R3i's own ability to accelerate their impact results. We are excited to share our own learnings on impact analysis, measurement, management and acceleration, and our sector-specific impact strategies with you all in early 2021 in our R3i Impact Report that covers our early stage angel portfolio across our impact themes of Climate Change Adaptation (Water, Agriculture and Renewables), Natural Resource Conservation (Crop Intelligence), Healthcare (Diagnostics, Digital Therapeutics and MedTech), Good Governance, and Economic Access and Empowerment.

We announced our House of MedTech launch in Luxembourg in December, after an 18 month effort of consultation and collaboration with LuxInnovation, the Ministry of Economy of Luxembourg, the Luxembourg Institute of Health, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, and the Luxembourg School of Biomedicine and key industry stakeholders. The launch of our Compass platform with our partner at the University California San Francisco Health Hub, now provides a digital fabric across Europe's leading Research Institutes to accelerate clinical pathways, connect our founders to smart capital and accelerate their market access.

This zero equity program, sees Scaleups looking for a CE Mark clinical pathway or european expansion receive:

  • 3 month intensive coaching and 6 months incubation for a curated market access program, venture funding support and CE mark guidance
  • Access to our network of active angel investors, family offices and institutional investors
  • A regional network of Clinical partners, Navigators, Partners and Mentors to support international export
  • More than $1M in Perks from partners including AWS, Hubspot, Sendgrid, Github, EIN Newswire, and many more.

Learn more about the House of MedTech incubator here.

Apply Now or share the information with aspiring Healthcare / MedTech Founders in your network.

Limited Partners and R3i Capital

R3i Ventures signed its first Syndicate in Quantum Brilliance in 2020, with a shared vision of accelerating the transformation of quantum computing acceleration with 100x less energy.

We have curated 3 new Syndicates for kickoff in 2021 for our new fund R3i Capital, in Digital Health, in Quantum Fund, and in Climate Resilience Technologies. We invite all Limited Partners to join us in our endeavours to help us to transform our planet through access to our exclusive deal flow. Connect with us and learn more about investing with our Syndication team at R3i Ventures.

Portfolio Updates

  • Quantum Brilliance secured over A$3.3m in funding and signed their first customer contract with a high performance computing centre.
  • Stratificare, an innovative diagnostics company with the world's first severe dengue prognostic that saves lives and reduces the burden of unnecessary hospitalization by 67%, took out the DBS Impact Challenge in Q4 and secured first runner-up for She Loves Tech Singapore 2020. They also launched their Singapore MedTech station in partnership with our House of MedTech providing a pathway for new IVD developments into the Asia Pacific. They also and secured a new digital biomarker study in Asia that delivers early top line revenues, diversifying their product roadmap.
  • MGA Thermal has been demonstrating its prowess in solar thermal materials to to run a coal fired power plant turbine in Switzerland, and showcase its capabilities in steam generation. They were awarded an Australian Government grant to support their local manufacturing efforts. This is now being scaled up to service large domestic and international energy storage projects.
  • Rubens Technologies, Rubens™ Fluorescent Spectrometer is being put to work in the packing sheds of summer fruits in a CRC Food Agility Program to detect sweetness, firmness and robustness for transport. The project aims to help growers mitigate crop waste, by tailoring their practices to grow the fruit consumers want, triaging fruit in packing sheds, and only exporting those robust enough to make the journey to valuable overseas markets.
  • Meracle Health, the smart spacer for respiratory health that is improving the management of asthma, has won its place in LuxInnovation's Fit 4 Start program and are expanding into Europe. They were awarded a grant from the Singapore Government for their next phase of growth.

Meet our Founders Raising Capital

  • Longenesis, the JV between Bitfury and Innosilicon Longenesis, has created an end-to-end environment for biomedical institutions, patient organizations and research partners and sponsors - to communicate directly, enabling both safe data curation and compliant, consent-enabled biomedical data utilization for research. In the final quarter they confirmed several deployments with big pharma on diabetes, multiple sclerosis and oncology real world data generation and patient identification. The team are now raising $USD1.5M in an early seed round to accelerate execution.
  • Peach Intellihealth is a New York based Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI/ML) healthcare company predicting sepsis more than 12 hours in advance in ICU's for early intervention. With a mission to improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs through actionable data analytics, this MIT Spinoff is raising a bridge round of $USD1M, to finalise their clinical studies with US Hospitals.
  • Naluri, digital health winner of the Asia Unicorn Cup, has secured a pathway to CE Mark for its chronic disease prevention platform with the Luxembourg Institute of Health in 2020. They are raising a Pre A round of $USD4M to expand their international presence into the EU, where there is 100% reimbursement for digital therapeutics.

If you are interested in connecting with our House of MedTech portfolio companies or investing in our Syndicates please reach out.

Upcoming Webinars

Meet members of the team at our upcoming webinar on the 12th January:

  • DeepTech Brand Protection and Anti Counterfeit with R3i Venture Partner, Peter Hlavnicka | Tuesday Jan 12 | Register now

We want to thank everyone who has taken a part in enabling our founders growth during a year of so many obstacles. We wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and an inspiring new year.

A lot of cheer went into the making of this festive video.

Note that our team at R3i Ventures is taking well-earned offline time with our families from 24 December through to 11 January 2021.

Seasons Greetings to you and your families. A safe and blessed holiday to you all.

Here's to together inspiring possible in the year ahead!

Leesa Soulodre

General Partner

R3i Ventures Pte Limited

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