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R31 Ventures is proud to announce its Network Sponsorship of TBLI CONFERENCE SERIES 2020.

Celebrating its 25th Anniversary, this major ESG and Impact Investing Global Conference will be held on November 19-20 via RuntheWorld.

R3i are a proud partner of TBLI Group and look forward to contributing to the topic of impact investment in early stage venture capital.  Our world is faced with crisis. If we deliver the capital that empowers our founders to solve the world's biggest problems and transform our planet, and in so doing provide extraordinary returns to our stakeholders, then that is a really good purpose for venture capital.
TBLI Conference

The TBLI CONFERENCE Series is the worlds leading authority on ESG and Impact Investing and has been educating institutional investors for over 25 years.

What to expect?

TBLi is the worlds leading authority on ESG and Impact Investing and has been curating content for TBLi Conference, for over 25 years. With a track record of over 25 years and 38+ events across Europe, Asia, Latin America and the US, TBLI balances high-level content and a focus on raising private capital for sustainable investments.

What to makes TBLI CONFERENCE unique?

• High quality networking opportunities with a diverse audience.
• A carefully curated program addressing a diverse set of topics of
interest for both ESG as well as Impact Investors.
• TBLI Workshops on case studies, market analysis and lessons learned.
• Interactive TBLI Masterclasses on opportunities, innovation and risks.
• Entrepreneur Salons featuring pre-qualified social entrepreneurs.
• High-Level Plenary Sessions with experienced investors, social
entrepreneurs, and Responsible Investment specialists.

Who is attending?

  • Asset Owners / Family Offices 
  • Asset Managers 
  • Government Funds 
  • Development Banks 
  • Responsible Investment Networks 
  • ESG thought leaders
  • Entrepreneurs

TBLI has established itself as the most significant gathering place for those interested in sustainable and related investment strategies... it fosters a set of discussions that are critical to advancing not only the interests of those involved in sustainable finance, but in improving the understanding of mainstream investors with regard to the innovations taking place within the financial services arena.

Jed Emerson Founder Blended Valley Group

The TBLI conference is the one chance each year that new thinkers, clear thinkers, forward thinkers and old friends can get together and exchange ideas. What is discussed at TBLI often has a smart way of evolving into a marketplace initiative - investor engagement, sustainable theme funds, micro-finance, cleantech, private equity.... The impact of the conference is to be, a lightning rod that sparks important sustainable finance initiatives for the coming years.

Mark Campanale Executive Director, The Social Stock Exchange, London

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