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R3i Ventures partners with TBLI Group Conference Series 2020

R3i is pleased to announce its Network partnership with TBLI Group for their upcoming 2020 annual Conference in Europe, the Asia Pacific, and the Americas, joining industry leaders including Singapore VC Association, AFISMA, AVPN, Global Green Connect and Asian Banker.

TBLI has established itself as the most significant gathering place for those interested in sustainable and related investment strategies... it fosters a set of discussions that are critical to advancing not only the interests of those involved in sustainable finance but in improving the understanding of mainstream investors with regard to the innovations taking place within the financial services arena. The impact of the conferences is typically a lightning rod that sparks important sustainable finance initiatives for the coming years.

TBLI CONFERENCE is the longest running values based global conference and convening business. Networking opportunities include bringing together thought leaders, asset managers, investors, and innovative organizations dedicated to public/private sustainable and social finance. TBLI’s events allow for peer-to-peer learning, local economic development, and new business development.

About TBLI Group

For over 20 years, the Triple Bottom Line Investing Group (TBLI) has conducted operations through a proprietary network of Sustainability, Impact, and the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) communities. The firm has created a vertically integrated ecosystem of education and action through networking at public conferences, private events, and investor salons through TBLI CONFERENCE; capital markets, corporate advisory and OCIO services through TBLI CONSULTING; and educational experiences through the firm’s charitable organization, STITCHING TBLI.

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