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High temperature thermal storage materials with high energy density and conductivity

Solar Energy Volume 163, 15 March 2018, Pages 307-314

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The MGA Thermal team has contributed to the field of thermal energy storage, solar energy, and materials science by publishing information on the technical implementation of our technology in a variety of scientific journals.
  • Two macroscopically solid, PCM enhanced thermal storage materials were developed.
  • The materials have significant energy density; 0.96 MJ/L and 1.1 MJ/L respectively.
  • Thermal conductivity is two orders of magnitude greater than conventional materials.
  • The phase change temperatures, 577 °C and 660 °C, suit steam turbine operation.
  • Short-term thermal cycling supported material stability in the operating range.

A metastable miscibility gap in the C-Al binary phase diagram has been exploited to produce macroscopically solid phase-change enhanced thermal energy storage materials.

With 50% by volume of Al or Al-12.7%Si dispersed in a graphite matrix, the materials have thermal conductivity of ∼150 W/m K, energy densities of 0.9 and 1.1 MJ/L for ΔT = 100 °C and energy storage/delivery temperatures centred around 660 °C and 577 °C respectively.

These characteristics are matched to both direct-steam and fluid-mediated concentrated solar thermal power systems using conventional Rankine cycle steam turbine-generator technology.

Powder metallurgy processing combined with a low-temperature binder ensures a non-percolating inverse microstructure in which the phase change Al or Al-Si particles are securely encapsulated, thereby overcoming the usual containment problems associated with metallic phase change materials.

The graphite and binder system used have been shown to be stable upon short-term thermal cycling or holding at the maximum expected operating temperature.

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