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This November StratifiCare's CEO, Anthony Chua, traveled from Singapore to Mexico and Brazil to make inroads into supporting two of the world's largest countries impacted by dengue fever.

Among the first batch of Singapore's startups that are planning to make in-roads into the LATAM market, they were fortunate to have both NUS Enterprise and Enterprise Singapore' support for this business delegation, accompanying our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong who was on four-day visit, at the invitation of Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. Anthony proudly presented their Medtech innovation StratifiDen - the world's first Severe Dengue prediction test - to Mexico.

Anthony Chua, CEO of StratifiCare presents StratifiDen to the Governments of Mexico and Brazil.

On 22nd Nov, StratifiCare signed the Memorandum of Understanding with the Mexican Society of Public Health in Pachuca, ‎Hidalgo. The MOU indicates a co-development of the clinical study on evaluation of the performance of StratifiDen severe dengue prediction test in Mexico in 2020.

Their trip to the largest country in Latin America - Brazil also yielded deeper understandings of the Brazillian market. At Brasilia, Anthony had a meeting with Ibaneis Rocha, Governor of the Federal District of Brazil; Andre Clemente Lara de Oliveira, Secretary of Economics; Antonio Emilio Freire, Chief Strategy Officer; and their team to introduce StratifiCare's technology to Brazil.

Picture from left to right: Adriane Luiza de Carvalho Lorentino, Executive Secretary of Planning; Genesio Vicente, Deputy Secretary of Investment; Francisco Borges; Antonio Emilio Freire; Andre Clemente Lara de Oliveira; Anthony Chua; Ibaneis Rocha; and Priscila Sotana, Senior Business Development Manager, LATAM at Enterprise Singapore.

StratifiCare were also offered the opportunity to soft land in the new Brasilia Technology Park - BIOTIC S.A., a true ecosystem blooming MedTech and biotech for Brazil. We'd like to thank Gustavo Dias Henrique, João Veloso, Carlos Henrique Ferreira Alencar, and Hideraldo Luiz de Almeida for their warm hospitality to StratifiCare.

Picture from left to right: Genésio Vicente, Deputy Secretary of Investment; Priscila Sotana, Senior Business Development Manager, LATAM at Enterprise Singapore; João Veloso, Presidential Advisor, BIOTIC S.A.; Anthony Chua; Hideraldo Luiz de Almeida, Executive Manager, BIOTIC S.A.; Carlos Henrique Ferreira Alencar, Administrative Director, BIOTIC S.A.; Antonio Emilio Freire, Chief Strategy Officer

StratifiCare appreciated the opportunity to have discussions with all the key stakeholders in Mexico and Brazil. Together, we can revolutionize dengue care through technology, and save lives while reducing the financial burden of over-hospitalization for patients, families and the Government.

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