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A company called Bundies has a subscription box that’s got all your underwear needs covered

Aqilah Allaudeen, Business Insider

· mens underwear,undies,subscription model
The brief: Bundies will send men new underwear monthly or bi-monthly as part of its subscription model

From basic necessities to whimsical treats, there seems to be a subscription box for just about everything.

And now, men can even get underwear sent to their doorstep monthly or bi-monthly through a subscription box model offered by a company called Bundies. Yes, you heard us right, a subscription box specifically for men’s underwear – if there ever was such a dire need for new undies every month. All you have to do is pick a subscription package -Classic, Funky, Smart, Breezy or Mix – and they do the rest for you.

The company that prides itself on using “ultra comfortable” and the “finest sustainably-sourced materials” also offers a purchase-as-needed option. This means that if you find yourself with a towering underwear pile in your cupboard, you can always change, skip or cancel your subscription.

Bundies subscription underwear options for men.

Getting on the subscription model saves you about 15% on your purchase, but you should still be prepared to pull out some pretty big bucks. Most of the underwear models offered by Bundies falls within the $22 (S$30) to $32 range per piece, so it will cost you more than your usual run-of-the-mill type brands.

According to the company, you’re paying for quality, comfort and convenience. Okay.

MeUndies (a US-based online store) also adopted an underwear subscription box model and beat Bundies to the punch, but the latter is the first to offer free shipping to Singapore.

So let’s see if that’s enough to get Singaporeans strapped in.



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