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Bundies: Singapore’s first underwear subscription service that delivers fresh boxers monthly

Don’t get your undies in a bunch. As Seen in Esquire. Written by JOY LING

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Don't get our undies in a bunch. Get a pair of bundies instead.

Underwear is practically second skin. When you’re comfortable in your own skin, you have the confidence to take on the world. So by that thread of logic, the right underwear is crucial to your success. Don’t question it. Just look at the world’s most iconic superhero. Great example, though we don’t recommend wearing yours outside. The true comfort of Bundies is meant to be experienced closest to where it matters. It’s not just flattering cuts, it’s soft waistbands that are stretchy but don’t leave a mark. Sounds impossible, but it’s real. The guys behind Bundies went the extra step to ensure care labels are printed directly on the undies, so you don’t get that annoying extra fabric.

Now here’s the best part. You get the full online service treatment. No more archaic ways of physically acquiring new pairs. Receive fresh underwear –with zero delivery charge– at your doorstep the way you’d get the month’s issue of Esquire. Subscription = convenience. This game-changing concept is awesome because a) you can change, skip or cancel anytime, and b) you get to choose from five package types, which includes Mix if you fancy a surprise.

We know you’re particular about fabric riding up, or fear the curse of stank. Knitted Trunks are lightweight and resistant to moisture. For boxer fans, Woven ones boast breathability thanks to it’s 100% organic cotton make, and the clever design of two side vents. Knitted ones are constructed from amazing Lenzing Modal® fabric, which feels like cotton, just twice as soft. Besides being fairly priced for crazy comfort, both methods and materials used to make Bundies produce low environmental impact. Considering the amount of thought invested in this, we dare say Bundies is the key to success.

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